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Youth Ministry

"Our mission is to prepare youth to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to serve God's purpose in their generation through Worship/Study, Service, and Fellowship/Fun."  
Acts 13:36

2024 Student Recognition

Student & Divine 9 Recognition will take place Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 10:00am Please contact Sister Beverly Lusane at (910) 273-7007.

Congratulations 2023 GRADUATES


scholarship recipient's

Congratulations Class of 2023.jpeg
Congratulations Sister Annie B. McCrae Scholarship Recipients.jpeg

*Christ Centered

*Bible Based

*Reaching Out

"He is Risen"
Resurrection Sunday 2023

"I Believe" ~ Jason Nelson
"Are You Ready" ~ Jason Champion
"Uptown Church" ~ RPM 19

  • "I Believe" ~ Johnathan Nelson
  • "Are You Ready"~Jason Champion
  • "Uptown Church"~ RPM 19

We do not own the musical contents to these songs.

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