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FMBC Ministries

Athletics and Recreation Ministry 

The Athletics and Recreation Ministry coordinates the recreational and sports activities of the church to include organization of church athletic teams.  


Audio Visual Ministry 

The Audio Visual Ministry provide CDs of Sunday Worship Service for a donation of $5.00. CDs will be made available to the sick and shut-in member at no cost upon request.  


Children's Church Ministry 

The Children's Church Ministry teach, train, and lead our children in worship and the knowledge required for a profession of faith in Jesus Christ according to II Timothy 3: 15-17, Ephesians 5:4, and Proverbs 22:5.  


Couples' Ministry 

The Couples' Ministry provides meaningful fellowship, training, and support to the couples and families of FMBC and the community. This ministry focuses on biblical principles, relating to the roles of Christian husbands, wives, and families.


Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry procure food and supplies for church meals and oversee the usage and cleanliness of the kitchen and dining area.


Floral Ministry 

The Floral Ministry ensures that appropriate floral arrangements are in the sanctuary for regular services and special occasions to beautify the church’s interior and grounds.  The ministry assumes responsibility for taking live arrangements to sick or shut-in members following the last worship service of the day.


Golden Age Patriots (GAP) Ministry 

The GAP Ministry plan and implement fellowship activities and special projects for senior members of the church.


Hospitality Ministry 

The Hospitality Ministry serve as host to visitors by extending genuine expressions of God’s love. Guest will be afforded the opportunity to register for further greetings and recognition. The Hospitality Ministry shall further assist the pastor and members in hosting church functions.


*Health-Congregational Nursing Ministry* 

The Health-Congregational Nursing Ministry of FMBC promotes good health by providing information and education on good nutrition, proper exercise, rest, and health related activities.  Congregational Nursing consists of a registered (RN) and licensed practitioner nurses (LPN) who share their skills in promoting holistic health and ministry.


Laymen's League Ministry 

The Laymen’s League encourages the men and boys of the church to participate in the total life of the church, inspire good church attendance, teach and practice the stewardship of giving, and encourage an interest in Christian education.  


Leadership Training 

Leadership training provides opportunities for church members and church leaders to acquire additional knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the duties of his/her office. Christ spent three years preparing those who were to carry on His work.  Members who aspire to leadership positions in the auxiliaries and ministries of the church are expected to complete this training prior to elective office. Leadership training is a component of the CTU and will be conducted on a quarterly basis.


Media Coordinator

The Media Coordinator exists to serve the church with advertising events to the community through various media sources such as radio, television, internet, newspapers, and social media resources.

*Military Ministry* 

The Military Ministry provide spiritual and practical support for deployed military members, DoD civilians, and their families.

Missionary Circle Ministry 

The Missionary Circle Group Plan provides an opportunity for members to share in the Work of the missionary program of the church.  The ministry opportunity of each group shall be determined by the group members.  Some of the suggested ministries are listed in the “MISSION-IN-ACTION" section of the Missionary Guide and Handbook.


Music Ministry 

The Music Ministry provide vocal and instrumental music that expresses reverence and worship of God that He may inhabit our praises.  It further seeks to minister grace to the hearers in communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ through traditional and contemporary music.


New Member's Orientation Ministry

The New Members Orientation assist the pastor in encouraging the full participation and growth of new members into our church body.  It provides a general overview of the variety of ministries and services available to them.  Ministry leaders serve as the new member’s initial point of contact until a deacon is assigned.  


*Outreach Ministry 

The Outreach Ministry accept charge and responsibility to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We share the gospel of our salvation and hope through evangelistic outreach and ministry. We are diligent to present ourselves unto God that we may unashamed and correctly teach the Word of truth. We demonstrate the love of Christ in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others. We develop meaningful relationships through fellowship and sharing. We grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have freely received and therefore we freely give.

Singles' Ministry

The Singles Ministry provides ministry to single adults that concentrate on the spiritual, social, intellectual, and economic development of each individual.  The mission is to affirm that every single person is complete in Christ by incorporating biblical knowledge into their daily lives through study, dialogue, and fellowship.


Transportation Ministry 

The Transportation Ministry provides transportation to and from church and other activities in the church van or bus.  The Transportation Ministry also includes individuals who are transporting the elderly, handicapped, and members who do not have transportation by taking them to their doctor's appointments, pharmacy, grocery store, to vote, to choir rehearsal, etc., or simply by bringing them to church.  

Ushers Ministry 

The Ushers Ministry assist the pastor in greeting persons who enter the church in a friendly helpful, and warm manner.  They lead worshippers to their seats, serve the needs of the membership, and assist the officers in receiving the offering.

Widow & Widowers Ministry 

The Widow and Widowers Ministry is a secure and honored ministry that strives to provide ongoing care and support to help members address the loss of a spouse according to James 1:27.


*Women's Ministry*

Friendship Women's Ministry exists to serve ladies of all ages by sponsoring a variety of activities throughout the year which are designed to enrich individual spiritual growth and enhance the "bond of sisterhood".  



*Youth Ministry*  

The Youth Ministry help youth to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; involve youth in all facets of church ministry; encourage youth to share their faith with their peers; and develop socialization skills.

Please see our Church Calendar for ministries and events.

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